In a Milestone, Schumer Will Propose Federal Decriminalization of Marijuana

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Anyone that votes against this should ensure their constituents firmly agree. Even in GOP controlled areas younger people (below 40) don’t really see weed as a threat to society anymore.


This could win them a lot of goodwill in the midterms. There’s a massive amount of bipartisan support from citizens for this and Dems could remind them who let them smoke trees in peace in 2022.


Christ. The Times has to stop using the word “decriminalization” when they mean legalization. Decriminalization means you won’t get arrested for it, but it’s still illegal. The text of this very article makes clear, though, that the proposal would deschedule weed and set up the regulatory framework for legal weed. That’s legalization, not decriminalization, and the headline and article are misleading because the author and editor didn’t understand that there’s a difference.


The biggest effect of Federal legalization would have little or no effects on states that continue to criminalize Cannabis, but it would allow dispensaries in states where it has been legalized to use banks. That’s a big one.


Joe Manchin is kicking his lips to fuck this one up. Fuck it, I’m leaving it