Is the Stew the healthiest meal?

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There is no ‘healthiest’ meal. But this sounds like it’s up there for sure.


There isn’t a healthiest meal. You could probably get the exact same nutrition profile from many meals. But it is healthy and easy for you so that makes it great! Only thing is to be careful if you use stock which can be super high sodium


Totally. My mom made vegetable soup with a ton of roast beef in it. Ate that at least 4-10 days each month. Lived on it. Now I’m a big strong boy.


if you put the healthiest ingredients into it, then it’s the healthiest meal. it’s literally just a way of cooking, though, and the only really questionable way of cooking is deep frying. if you cooked the same food another way then it would be just as healthy, at least as long as you’re drinking enough water anyway. it’s probably the *easiest* way to prepare a healthy meal, though. i like to batch cook a week or more, quickly cool it to room temperature, portion it out to individual servings to increase shelf life, and move 3-4 days into the refrigerator and the rest into the freezer.


I’d say it doesn’t get much healthier. When I think of the “healthiest meal” what that means to me is I ask the question “Could I survive indefinitely on this meal”. If the answer is Yes, then it is super healthy. What is good about this is the meat will provide fat which will help with absorption of nutrients and vitamins from the veggies. And for cooking meat, this is one of the healthiest options because you avoid both high heat (because water only goes up to boiling temp, or maybe slightly higher in a pressure cooker) and you avoid the carcinogens that are formed from grilling meat.