islam will be largest religion in the world by 2070 according to the statistics, this is just terrifying.

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TIL that religious belief and affiliation is genetic. The only reason we we’re atheists here is because we were all born to atheist parents, right? No? Hmm…I wonder what could be the common denominator in all of this?


There are lies, damn lies, and statistics. For demographic questions like, “how many babies will be born per year a decade from now” (or even two decades from now), statistics can be pretty reliable – after all, nearly every potential mom for the next two decades is already born, putting a solid constraint on the number. Religion, however, isn’t some in-built attribute that stays static; as we’ve seen in the last 20 years in the U.S. and *most other countries*, many people are leaving organized religion altogether, and atheists (and self-described agnostics) have almost quintupled in number, and not because we have more children (the opposite is true). Further, “official” counts of how many people of different religions that are released by many countries are known to be wildly wrong. In Iran, according to official Iranian government statistics, some 95% of the population or more is Muslim. But in a large, anonymous survey done by a western pollster last year found that just under 50% were Muslim, and 22% identified as “none” when asked their religion, in addition to the people who identified as atheists, etc. And that 22% skewed even younger than Iran’s already-young population. So – we have no idea whether Islam will actually be the largest single religion by 2070, and Islam isn’t just one religion anyway (there is Shia Islam, and Sunni Islam, and Sufi Islam, etc). Plus – if the absolute number of Muslims declines, just not as fast as other religions, then even if Islam is “#1”, that wouldn’t mean much. tl;dr Don’t panic


It really is scary. Some of their apologists are even worse than Christian apologists. Total scum. It’s amazing some of the arguments Muslims have for their religion. Makes me sad people lack the critical thinking skills to question some of the things they say.


> islam will be largest religion in the world by 2070 according to the statistics, this is just terrifying. How much of this statistic is based on the population of Iran? From what I’ve read Iran has a sizable and growing atheist population that identifies as Muslim on nothing more than government surveys and census to avoid conflict with the religious authorities. Having said that, as you’re quite passionate about this matter you should consider opposing Islam in your neck of the woods with culture jamming, pamphlets, etc. Just stay safe and be incredibly weary of how technology, materials, etc. can be traced back to you. Play it safe so you can play the long-game.


How many Muslims are Muslim in name only? Or only bc if they left they would be killed by their family?