It won’t be long until all the bees are dead and everyone will be doing their best to keep mosquitoes alive so things still get pollinated. Like putting shallow water out for them to breed. A mosquitoe bite will be good luck and a sign of good crops ahead.

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Mosquitos only pollinate a few types of weeds and flowers. Our food crops would be done. Thats assuming the bees die off first before we run out of top soil.


>It won’t be long until all the bees are dead Now slow down there you nazi mosquito.


In no way would any amnt of mosquitos offset a complete loss of bees


Nah. Honeyindustry will keep enough alive for repopulating lots of areas, once purged from pollution.


I have been putting out hummingbird feeders for the past few years. Bees love it. No matter what I do to try to keep them out, I have a small swarm that can drain it daily.