KUOW – Nearly 700 people believed to have died in Northwest heat wave

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Nothing will change. How can it? Hell, here in the U.S., we have 1/3 to 2/5 of the population that refuses, during a pandemic, to take action directly designed to save their *own* lives from an airborne, easily communicable disease that’s present – right here, right now? What hope do we have that these people will agree to take action designed to alleviate human suffering that is just now beginning and won’t really hit until some indeterminate future, however near? All the ominous signs won’t lead to a single change. We’re just going to trudge along as a society, allowing the vulnerable to die and hoping that we ourselves don’t lose the statistical numbers game when the shit really hits the fan. Utterly depressing and paralyzing.


And someone in the Spokane government came out and said “it was their choice to not have AC” when referring to some elderly that had passed due to heat


I hate that every news article about this deadly heatwave comes with a photo of people at the beach or splash parks… it wasn’t like that. People were hiding inside trying to get any available AC!


My house has no AC and reached between 93 and 95 degrees for several nights. And the buildings here store so much heat that even after it cooled down you could feel heat radiating out if you put your hand close to the wall. It took 3 days for the house temperature to get back to normal, which is 75-77.


URL Slug says 700, and article headline says 800.