LPT: Don’t purchase high value electronics off Amazon due to their ongoing counterfeit problem. Instead buy from a place that price matches Amazon (Target, Walmart, Best Buy, etc).

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Amazon has a counterfeit problem across their entire spectrum of available products. Don’t buy anything that really matters from Amazon.


If you do buy electronics, search for the seller’s business. If they have an authentic business that’s outside of Amazon, then check their shipping information to see if it matches. If so, you should be okay. I’ve bought numerous electronics off of Amazon, which includes a “refurbished” MacBook, and I’ve never run into an issue


As a good corollary, if you can buy something from anywhere but Amazon, do so. Even if it is fractionally more expensive, buying from a business that pays its taxes fairly and actually contributes something to the local area will be much better than throwing money at Amazon for every purchase.


I’d be hard pressed to buy high value anything from Walmart .