LPT: There is nothing tacky or wrong about discussing your salary with coworkers. It is a federally protected action and the only thing that can stop discrepancies in pay. Do not let your boss convince you otherwise.

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I recently quit a factory job where, on the first day, I had to sign a piece of paper that stated that I received an employee manual and that I understood all its contents. It was 30 pages long and I was given 15 minutes to read it. In the manual it stated that you were absolutely not allowed to discuss your compensation and that doing so could result in termination. It then went on to say how hard they try to keep everyone’s pay “private” through various measures. I did not expect to see that. I was there a week before I quit. Also, after I signed the paper, I asked if I could take the manual to my car. They said they would hold onto it for me and they would give it back to me at the end of the day. Never got that manual back. The kid who was starting the same day with me had a mental disability. He sat across from me while we were reading the manual. I didn’t see him make it more than a few pages. They gave him the same amount of time to read the manual as me and had him sign the paper and took his manual away too. They didn’t even ask him, They just took it from him.


Kept discussing wages at a previous job because I knew my peers were underpaid. Management kept pulling me in to say how it was against the “handbook”. I told them it was against the law. I ended up quitting for a multitude of other reasons as well but that certainly didn’t help.


I just got a 23% raise by raising hell at work about it. So worth the drama!


I was a contractor being offered a full-time position. My coworker in a similar position had just gone through the process, so I asked him what he made. He refused to tell me. I went to the boss and made my best pitch and high balled the amount I wanted to make as a real employee. We went back and forth and settled on a good number and even got me an extra week of paid vacation each year. A few months later, I got a look at the payroll file. Turns out that I was now making way more than my coworker. If he had told me his offer, I totally would have asked for less. Thank you coworker for not sharing!