Man who swung from Senate balcony on January 6 pleads guilty and agrees to cooperate

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>”The picture posted was actually a joke. It was kind of like a funny joke.” Not so funny now, is it?


Awful lot of charges being handed out for what I’m continually told was just a peaceful tour of the capitol by the FBI, ANTIFA, BLM, and YMCA.


I love how they’re all turning on each other.


LOL 😂 funny as fuck watching all these MAGA wannabe revolutionaries turn cowardly snitch at the first sign of legal consequences. Fucking weasels.


He’s pleading guilty to a felony. That means loss of voting and gun rights. Way to play yourself, pal. Also from the article: > A judge said Wednesday that in exchange for his guilty plea and promise to cooperate, Colt will face a recommended sentencing range of 51 months to 63 months — about 4 to 5 years — and a fine of anywhere from $20,000 to $200,000. Colt also agreed to pay $1,000 in restitution. If he’s sentenced to the recommended amount he’ll serve a decent amount of time and not be let out for time served or some other bullshit. That also means his buddies are facing some *serious* time if they refuse to plea out and they lose at trial. Stupid is as stupid does.