Memphis (Shelby County) will not follow Tennessee state ban on promoting childhood vaccinations

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Could the article maybe have used a picture of a child getting a vaccine while not screaming their head off?


Wait, what? Tennessee has a state-wide ban on promoting a low cost procedure that can save millions of lives? I know Republicans are unbelievably fucking stupid but I didn’t know they were in a competition to outdo each other on stupidity. There can be no other explanation for shit this dumb.


Lol they picked a dramatic picture for this


To be clear, this isn’t just the Covid vaccine. This is ALL vaccines. The state will no longer try to remind parents to get their children vaccinated.


I absolutely don’t get why vaccination is constantly shown like this: crying children, adults making faces as if someone was ripping their skin off. Ridiculous! This does not hurt that much! Come on now, I know children might actually cry when given syringes, but these pictures make it look like it was a horrible experience for everyone and it is just not.