MIT Predicted in 1972 That Society Will Collapse This Century. New Research Shows We’re on Schedule

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Climate change + competition over resources + rampant wealth inequality = perfect recipe for societal collapse


In the 60’s, the bestselling book “The population bomb” by a widely known stanford professor also predicted that we would exhaust the earth’s ability to produce food for humans by the 80’s due to overpopulation. He predicted that hundreds of millions or billions would die and society would break down. His prediction was completely wrong. Not saying we don’t have problems but it’s often easier to predict doom and gloom then prosperity.


The LTG model was economically incredibly naive. This revisiting owes more to people’s love for doom mongering than any profound insight. We have gigantic challenges to solve — but we always have done, and we’ve always solved them, with a combination of improved social structures and technology.


Gobal population decline will have the biggest impact on corporate growth and social security will collapse as there are more, older, people claiming than adding. Both of these can be (and today are already) solved at the domestic level by adding immigrants to counter declining birth rates. Immigration isn’t the problem – it’s the answer.


Predictions aren’t likely to ever be correct because they can’t factor in technology changes for the future. If someone creates a system that removes CO2 from the atmosphere at a quick rate then it changes. Even a small change could throw off the prediction.