More than a quarter of those infected with COVID-19 stay symptomatic after 6 months, research finds

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Just another study that confirms a mounting pile of evidence that the principle public health risk of Covid-19 is no longer death but long-term complications. Cognitive decline (“brain fog”), cardiac complications (postural orthostatic tachycardia), renal insufficiency (clinically significant drops in eGFR months after recovery), chronic fatigue, dyspnea, seemingly permanent changes in taste and smell, clotting risks and sexual dysfunction are all being demonstrated in these trials of recovering Covid-19 patients. The real kicker is that severity of infection and even hospitalization don’t seem to be a potent indicator of prevalence… There are some issues with this data, though. It’s self-reported, which is problematic. A lot of these complaints (anxiety, fatigue etc) are things commonly experienced by people in their day to day lives irrespective of Covid-19 recovery so it’s difficult to parse confounding variables. Many of the tracked symptoms (dyspnea, fatigue, depression, anxiety) do not have objective, quantitative measures to go by. This data needs to be taken with a grain of salt. But this is one of MANY studies finding pervasive, persistent and potentially disabling long-term consequences from even relatively minor Covid-19 infections months, now even years, after “recovery”. Scary stuff.


I was infected in February, and my lungs still don’t feel right.


13 months in for me and my smell and taste is still completely fucked up 🙁


25% of participants state they are not fully recovered. 50% were described as affected by fatigue but 90% of the participants denied to have any problem in daily activities. 30% of patients were both anxious and depressed. I mean, this case report article is interesting and unveil a problem with patients’ follow-up. The title is a bit misleading tho. There is an enormous correlation between ICU and dyspnea, thus it’s not safe to assume this proportion (25%) could apply in general population.


I am relatively young and healthy. I was not admitted to the hospital or given supplemental oxygen, but I was prescribed prednisone. My major physical symptoms lasted 12 days. Night sweats and frequent naps lasted 28 days. Inability to recall trivial facts lasted about a month and a half.