My Roth IRA has not broken even over 4 years. Should I change its handler?

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If you haven’t had any gains in the last 4 years that’s gotta be one of the worst money managers ever.


Fire him now. In this market, that’s a disgrace Open account at vanguard, put it in a total market fund like VTSAX or an sp500 fund. Set it and forget it It will take like 20 minutes


Either the portfolio is not as aggressive as you say it is or he’s charging you ridiculous fees and/or has you in funds with front loads and high expense ratios. Go to some place like Vanguard and put it in a Target Date fund and let it do it’s thing. If you feel like you have to have a FA, Vanguard has something called PAS you can look into. Edit: This last year alone should have blown your account up. You seriously need to figure out what kind of account fees and other fees you are paying and see what kind of asset allocation you have.


The only way the value of your account couldn’t have gone up in the last 4 years is if: 1. You were invested in all cash and never made any contributions 2. Your financial advisor is an imbecile


How could a manager not even manage to break even through this bull market? Fire him immediately.