Nurse’s driver’s license is suspended after she couldn’t do breathalyzer test due to facial paralysis

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>She said she explained her medical condition to the officer, who told her she was being difficult and said she would be served an immediate roadside suspension… > >”I showed him my smile, I showed him my teeth, I showed him one side of my face is paralyzed. **At that point I started pleading with him saying ‘please take me to the hospital to do a blood alcohol level [test] because I haven’t been drinking.’ “** Why didn’t the police take up on that offer? Seems like an easy solution.


A friend of mine has a speech disability and the cops threw him in jail For three days even after he passed a blood alcohol test at the hospital. He was charged with a DWI and after it was all said and done ( and a expensive court fight) the charges were dropped. The only good thing was he was able to sue them and got a pretty good settlement in the end.


meanwhile, the AG in north dakota got drunk and killed a guy, then fled the scene, and the police didn’t even ask him to do a breathalyzer or any form of sobriety check.


This law is idiotic. Besides face paralysis, what about people with COPD and diminished lung capacity because of COVID? Should they just forfeit their license every time a cop is on a power trip because they have a medical condition that prevents them from being able to do a breathalyzer?


In Florida, there is always the blood test option. If I’m ever pulled over for drunk driving, I’m demanding one. Breathalyzers are just not accurate unless they are maintained and calibrated.