Of course you should never buy timeshare specifically RCI ; let me tell you why.

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If you ever want to know the “value” of a timeshare, search for the points on ebay


Nevermind the money, this sounds needlessly complicated just to book a vacation every now and then.


100% of all timeshares and “vacation clubs” are at best a rotten deal and usually a scam.


On this topic, does anyone know HTF to get OUT of a timeshare? My mom is locked into one and it seems impossible to get her out.


My Aunt has a WorldMarks Timeshare… Her points devalued over 20 years. and can’t really stay anywhere for too long. Now I can get like studio for 3 days every year … and her fee is like 800. I remember when her points afford two weeks at fancy ski resort. ( Whistler B.C. ) Say no to Timeshare… Say no to timeshare presentation ( your time on vacation is more important.. They never let you go at 2 hour mark ) I can take over some of these timeshare contracts free from those online forums ( i would be Stuck with maintenance fee ) . Some people just give it away because they don’t want to spend the fee . Did you know …. Let say after 20 years … if you want to stop paying and just be done with… you can’t just walk away like apartment? They call you timeshare owners…. But I don’t know what you are in control of… If she put that much money in just us index fund… she would be able to Airbnb all she want now If you like timeshare amenities for large family gatherings, just rent one from timeshare owners who are stuck with responsibilities. Like redweek.com