Operation Infektion (2018) – This New York Times documentary explains how Russian agents have infected America with antivax propaganda lies that kill. [00:47:00]

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There’s a lot of red scare bullshit from America but Russia’s online disinformation campaign isn’t one of them. They also don’t care that this misinformation gets back to their own population, they couldn’t give a shit about the average Russian. sincerely, a dual Russian citizen who’s extremely frustrated with their brainwashed anti-vax Russian family members, even my pharmacist aunt. but of course to them I’m the brainwashed one 🙄


This goes back to the 80s. Disinformation is the real virus.


Looking at their covid rates it looks like it worked in reverse too


The irony is that this same antivax nonsense is stopping Russians getting vaccinated and they are suffering badly as a result.


Cross post this to the turds at r/conspiracy and watch the chaos that ensues.