Poll: 1.8 million Americans have turned down jobs due to unemployment benefits

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My guess is once school is back in session for real, meaning in-person in early August a lot of the folks sitting on the sidelines will start grabbing jobs. There’s roughly 60 something MILLION parents with kids under the age of 18 in this country and to expect them to take a low paying job AND pay for child care is dumb. That’s just trading dollars for absolutely no benefit. Just take care of the kids and forego the job until they’re back in school. I’m pretty positive we’ll see most of the slack in jobs rectified by early October. Why no one is recognizing this reality is beyond me.


I mean it feels like the bigger takeaway is that 87% turned down jobs for reasons other than unemployment benefits (75% if you want to just lump in the people who said the job didn’t pay enough).


There may be a stupider way to figure out why people didn’t take a particular job. But a poll has to be right up there. This is poorly designed, The answer is one dimensional and the reason someone might turn down a job is going to be complex. For example, since child care is number one, if the employer made it clear that they would not be flexible on hours, even if the job got done, then why take a job that you are going to be fired from? Better to keep looking. Though just going on the headline I was expecting an article on America’s collective best guess at the number. Eats, shoots and leaves.


I think we’re going to see a major change in the workforce. I think a lot of parents are going to be staying home while one of them goes to work. I think a lot of people figured out how to make do with less. Some learned new skills and are moving fields. The next few years are going to be interesting.


Considering in most states unemployment makes you fill out applications endlessly to maintain benefits it’s not really a shock that people turn down jobs that don’t pay more than what they are currently making. Supply and demand, the demand for jobs making more then employment benefits is higher than supply of jobs willing to pay more than unemployment benefits. If these employers were really desperate they’d pay more. Otherwise they can sit on the sidelines and hope that when unemployment benefits retire people will apply. But the data shows that in states that have removed additional unemployment benefits this isn’t the case. One of the hardest things about changing careers is a lifestyle change and uncertainty. People have already faced the uncertainty with their jobs laying them off the second the company had hardship with covid. Now they are looking for a lifestyle better than the one they had before they got fired to protect themselves and their family. People have been bitching about wage now for nearly two decades with deaf ears saying the market has determined their worth. Maybe it’s time employers bitch about having to pay people more and embrace the market, pull themselves up by their bootstraps and reduce executive and shareholder payment to afford to pay employee’s.