Powell says the Fed is still a ways off from altering policy, expects inflation to moderate

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I think there will be a meaningful inflationary impulse as the Child Tax payments overlap with the moratorium and federal unemployment benefits, then fall off as the moratoriums and federal benefits end. Maybe then things will start to cool off a bit. Still high-er, but maybe not surprise to the upside so often. Last credit card report I saw seems to indicate the people that would spend their early 2021 stimulus payments have done so and are back to credit usage. So that is/has fallen off.


Notice that the word “transitory” is not being used anymore.


I have been reading a lot about the deflationary effects of technological improvements and the aging population. The Fed has been unsuccessfully fighting these two effects for the past decade. If you add in the pandemic shut downs, its like trying to hold back a tsunami with only sandbags. Are interests rates ever going to rise again? Even after the global economy normalizes from the pandemic, you are looking at accelerating technological change and falling birth rates. It’s looking less likely that the Fed will ever be able to alter their accommodative policy.


J Pow needs to stop printing money like it grows on trees. Stop bailing out banks and corporate interests!!


Gotta make it a little harder for the little guy who hasn’t gotten a raise in years before they step in. How else will they keep us wage slaves if we have leftover stimulus money from the pandemic?