Record-Breaking Chinese Supercomputer Marks New Quantum Supremacy Milestone – It finished a designated quantum benchmark task in around 70 minutes, that would have taken a classical binary computer 8 years to complete.

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Finally I’ll be able to have three tabs open on chrome


And this is the project the public is allowed to know about.


A quantum standoff is brewing, similar to a nuclear one.


We will build the most fantastic quantum computer linked by swarms of satellites to train a massive neural network that vastly out-performs any human at the task of getting everyone to click on ads while the bug-eyed salamanders in silicon valley take all the credit and reap all the financial benefits for the work of the giants whos shoulders they stand upon while the rest of the world burns.


Quantum computing is supposed to do that only with some kind of problems. It will take it a lot of time to solve regular computing problems.