Researchers have found direct evidence for the existence of an energetic hot wind launched from the hot accretion flow onto a weakly accreting supermassive black hole, representing a step toward understanding accretion processes around black hole.

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if that title doesn’t make you feel dumb enough yet, take a gander at this set of words. >The outflow from M81* is evidenced by a pair of Fe XXVI Lyα emission lines that quasi-symmetrically redshifted and blueshifted at a bulk line-of-sight velocity of 2800 kilometer per second, and a high Fe XXVI Lyα-to-Fe XXV Kα line ratio that implies a temperature of 140 million degree of Kelvin of the line-emitting plasma. i don’t understand it enough to make a proper comment on it but it *sounds* like black holes, in addition to the radiation, also emit hot and cold “winds”? wind in space? did i read that right? where’s the wind go?


I have no idea what was said, but it sounds really cool.


Yeah, well, that’s whatever you just said for ya.


The only words i understood were hot winds and black holes. hehe…


So… this means definitely space aliens… or nah?