Russia, China, Iran warn U.S. must not intervene in Cuba

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Russia telling the US to avoid intervening in Cuba when they literally sent mercenaries to Venezuela and jacked $800m in gold is fucking hilarious. Edit: it’s also hilarious to wake up to all the anti American comments posted in response to this. Weird how calling out Russia between the hours of 11pm-6am US time (9am-4pm St. Petersburg time) seems to have attracted so much attention. Get out of Ukraine and stop killing journalists you fucking trolls.


Yes, let’s listen to those three countries, who we have the best of relationships with. Edit: To clarify, I agree that the US should not intervene in Cuba. I just don’t think that these are the governments we want to take advice from.


They’re about as likely to do something about Cuba as we are about Crimea. Not that I think it would be a good idea. I’m 100% against getting involved in Cuba for any reason.


“Only we are allowed to interfere with neighboring countries” -Russia, China and Iran


Here’s an idea, everybody stay out of everybody else’s shit.