Should I get roommates or find a 2nd job to secure my finances?

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I’d lean towards the roommate – a whole house for yourself is a *big* luxury on $1.6k/month. One of the perks of being the owner is that you can set the lease terms and most of the house rules, pre-emptively winning many normal roommate disagreements. Being a live-in landlord tends to give you far more legal rights (in terms of tenant selection and removing people who cause problems) than most landlords get. Check your state law.


Personally I’d lean to a roommate as in other comments you say theres little equity in the house. You’ll still have to pay to live somewhere and unless your brother’s $300 isn’t a sweetheart deal you’d probably be better off trying to build the equity than turning it into rent if you sold. Edit: And I’m just not a fan of second jobs. What good is no roommate if you’re barely living in your home anyways?


2nd jobs are soul sucking, enjoy your life


Either second job or sell. Yeah roommates work out. *Sometimes*. If it doesn’t work out, you’ll be in a lot more pain than a second job or selling would ever cause.


Try both? Why limit yourself to one option?