Texas Rep. Pat Fallon dumped Microsoft stock before Pentagon nixed $10B JEDI contract

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Yeah i bet he gave him self a big pat on the back too fucking scumbag


It was a bad move if it was insider trading, MSFT is at an all-time high on xbox sales and the windows 11 announcement. But nobody ever accused these guys of competence…


When I worked for any financial, in a non decision making capacity, I had to tell internal auditors about every account and approve any trades ahead of time. I also couldn’t buy most stocks (I basically could only get mutual funds usually). I also had to hold securities for a set period of time. Why aren’t these people held to a simllar standard ?


Well Microsoft stock has gone up since then so the jokes on him


No one in the executive or legislative branch should be allowed to own stocks. It’s insane that they can. Edit: Judicial as well since their opinions can influence the market as well, although I have a much harder time believing they would commit insider trading.