Thoughts on my portfolio? I am heavy on future growth stocks that I believe will succeed like electric, solar, cannabis, alternate energy and things like esports & 3D printing. Currently have 33 companies, trimmed my portfolio down from 75 when I started last year. Attached image has the allocation%

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Well diversified so your money is more protected. If you want aggressive gains you’ll need to consolidate. Maybe consolidate to only one stock per sector. Personally, I think you have too many companies. Too hard to follow them, too much to analyze. Sometimes when you have too much, you’ll miss the important things that matter. Just my 2 cents


Too many speculative stocks and not enough in blue chips. Your apple and Microsoft position should be much larger. All your speculative small caps can not move for years while the blue chips keep going up.


Truth be told, I feel like you have too many “gamble” stocks held. For example, I would maintain the DIS, MSFT, & AAPL, cut out the rest in exchange for index funds. At that point you will have a solid steady basis, then pick 3-5 individually companies. I can’t imagine you are dedicating a solid amount of research time to each of these companies to only hold at a 2-3% weight. Trim the fat, figure out which ones you truly believe will succeed, then make a plan for them.


Everyone else is no doubt correct, and I’m just an old fart, but I think your strategy is way too risky. I agree that the trends you’ve picked will be big, but that doesn’t mean the companies you’ve picked are worth their current price. Investing is often about avoiding losers, not picking big winners. When you pick a bunch of high-priced trendy names, you almost guarantee a large percentage of disappointing stocks. Look at the graveyards of early auto, aviation, electronics, or internet companies. I’d start with a boring core of index funds, then indulge your stock-picking gene with a smaller selection of hoped-for winners. I think you’ll come out ahead in a few years. As he said, just my 2 cents.


Now that’s called a diverse portfolio…