TIL about the oldest living elephant – Vatsala, living at an Elephant camp in a Tiger Reserve. At 105, she has lived for more than double the age of an average Asian Elephant. Though loosing her vision to Cataract, she has been able to navigate using her trunk and support from her herd members

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Can we start a Reddit petition to get people to stop using ‘loose’ as ‘lose?’ Loose = your mother after a few drinks. Lose = your car keys after a few drinks.


I love how an old-ass elephant just looks like any other elephant.


That guy sucks at math too. If she lost her teeth at 70 in 1995, she’s 95-ish now, not 105.


cant we fet her cateract surgery?


Elephants in the fold that lose all their teeth basically know they’ll die, and separate themselves from their group. Thus, “elephant cemeteries.” In captivity, they’ll be fed ripe bananas and steamed glutinous rice, which they wouldn’t have regular access to in the wild, thus allowing them to live much longer than they would in the wild. You can easily tell if an elephant has lost all its teeth – its cheeks are sucked in, like an elderly human without teeth or dentures.