TIL Church’s Fried Chicken was a major supporter of chess in the 1970s, with the San Antonio Church’s Fried Chicken Inc. 1st International Chess Tournament in 1972 being considered one of the most important chess tournaments on American soil.

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The chicken’s the real deal, too. The dredge is just onion soup mix, toss in a teaspoon of cayenne seasoning if you want spicy. Roll and press the chicken in the flour, dredge, and flour it again. Best done deep fried, pan fried at home ain’t quite the same in my experience. It’s the most like home-cooking you’re going to get, because honestly it just is home cooking. The sides mostly come out of premade bags but the chicken’s legit. The honey-butter biscuits are a little more involved, but honestly there’s nothing they sell that I won’t eat. Biggest issue you run into is if the guy making the cole slaw gets in a hurry.


Neat trivia: this tournament featured the only two chess players to ever be on a country’s currency: Paul Keres and Tigran Petrosian, on the Estonian 5 kroon note and the Aremenian 5000 dram note.


I haven’t had churches in ages.


You have to be extra good to play with greasy fingers.


When I was a kid one of my neighbors, an old Cajun, said the best chicken was when they had “salt and pepper working together.” The chicken made by either salt (white folks) alone or pepper (black folks) alone wasn’t great, he said.