TIL King Richard Lionheart had more than two thousand Muslim prisoners of war from the captured city of Acre beheaded in front of the Ayyubid armies of sultan Saladin on 20 August 1191.

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So that’s what he did before coming home to save Robin Hood


He also bankrupted the kingdom, which was largely responsible for his heir/brother king john having to sign the Magna Carta. Basically, he died before his stupid spending caught up with him. If not, i guarantee he wouldn’t be remembered so positively


This kind of stuff is why “no quarter” is a thing.


Love of it leaves out that it was done after Saladin , did the same thing and failed to live up to an agreed prisoner exchange.


Murdering your POWs (actually that should be PsOW) in front of the enemy does two things. First, you’ve just signed the death warrant for any of your own soldiers being held as POWs, secondly, you’ve told the enemy that they might as well fight to the death and never surrender as surrendering equals death.