TIL of an infamous game of roulette played in Monte-Carlo on August 18, 1913, where the ball fell on black 26 times in a row. Gamblers lost millions expecting it to land on red along the way, making “the gambler’s fallacy” famous.

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Happened at a casino I worked at in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Ball landed on black 11 times in a row. But instead of the guests getting on red they bet on black. This was at the high-roller table. The casino lost $14mil in 30min.


Sounds like the magnet broke


The chance for 26 black in a row is 1 in 140,429, 063.


I got 8 blackjacks in a row before. Wasn’t betting big, so I started betting big and lost everything a few hands after that.


I was in Vegas and the number 4 came out 5 times in a row. About 6 security guards turned up, shut the table down and moved us all on! Obviously some internal security got triggered and noped us all out!