TIL of the California condor louse. It exclusively parasitized the California condor. During efforts to save the condor from extinction, it became extinct itself due to all condors being deloused. This led to major debates about the ethics of saving one species from extinction by killing another.

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Were they deloused as an effort to help their survival or was it only done for their convenience? If it was done to save the Condors, then there’s not much of an argument to be made against it, because if that’s the case, then delousing them insures that one species survives, while doing nothing, pretty much leaves them both for dead.


I really doubt anyone has very strong true feelings about saving a louse species vs a bird species.


Right now an animals greatest survival trait is it’s usefulness to humans, and its second greatest trait is it’s appeal to human asthetics. Humans and their livestock are a greater biomass than all other vertebrates on land.


Parasites can pretty much all go extinct imo


To be fair the louse would have went extinnct with the condor. So in thst scenerio better to save one then let two die in front if you