TIL that a UK documentary once showed video footage of an IRA group using Lybian weapons including a truck mounted Anti Aircraft gun, shooting down a British helicopter. The footage turned out to be from Arma2, a video game. The IRA really did blow up a helicopter in 1994, but with a mortar.

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That’s not to say that the Provos weren’t provided with weapons and explosives from Libya, or that they didn’t try to shoot down helicopters with heavy machine guns. The mortar attack on the Crossmaglen base was just their most successful attack on a British aircraft.


I can’t believe they explained this as someone just accidentally putting the wrong clip into the editor. How does a clip that matches the rest of the video end up on the clipboard in the first place? This was clearly an intentional attempt to generate enough compelling footage.


That’s a hell of a shot with a mortar, was it landed?


That just shows how realistic the game is. The graphics are so real that people thought it was actual footage.


More like footage from Armagh2 amirite