TIL that there is a breed of horse called the Yakutian that is native to Siberia. Bulkier than other horse breeds, it has a extremely long hair for its coat and can withstand temperatures as low a -70C (-94F)

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That’s 203.15 K for you fans of Lord Kelvin out there.


I dunno why people were living in Siberia way back when enough that they decided to import horses. Like…you’re early humans or at least 800 year ago humans…you got a whole planet to live on…why did you choose the freezer?


Yakutian Laika is a dog breed from this same area, they can also withstand very cold temps! I actually own one and he is a fluffy monster 🤣


94f below zero? God damn! How do they know this to be true? Does it ever get that cold in Siberia?


Its trick for surviving such cold is to pull a reverse TaunTaun and crawl inside their rider