TIL The 97% of Americas land area considered “rural” contains nearly a fifth of Americas population.

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TIL that 3% of America’s land area considered “urban” contains over 80% of America’s population.


Yep, I live in the rural midwest, in a town of about 20,000. Which is actually a supporting city to many towns surrounding us that have like 1000 or less people in them. With that being said, when I was in high-school, many people drove tractors to school and one person even had a horse. Drive 5 minutes out of town and you’ll get lost to the children of the corn.


I’m confused. Is that surprisingly high, or surprisingly low?


And that 1/5 of the population control pretty close to 50% of the Senate.


So, the other 3% contains 4/5ths of the US population?