U.S. producer prices post biggest annual increase in more than 10-1/2 years

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Well, ya know if you account for base effects, strip out: commodity prices, labor costs, cost of services, goods prices, wholesale energy prices, wholesale core goods prices, automobile parts and retailing, airline tickets, food prices, machinery, hardware, building materials and supplies, guestroom rental, professional and commercial equipment and passenger transportation? It’s really not that bad and producer prices are actually within central bank expectations and historical norms!


In my work, I touch on the costs of several building materials. Everything is rising with most vendors already announced their 3rd or more price increase this year. If a price for goods hasn’t risen yet this year, then know an increase is in the pipeline.


My company’s sales are up but we’re eating costs left and right to try to slow the price increase at the grocery store. We posted pur first loss in years this month even with sales up. Eventually these prices are going to flood the consumer market if it doesn’t get fixed fast.


And the federal minimum wage hasn’t risen in 20 years. USA USA!!!