What useless thing do you excel at?

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Facial recognition. Some profs from the UK developed a test to study it. I’m in the top 0.1% apparently. I’ve recognized people i stood in line at a Starbucks beside years later while they were zipping by in a car. I have not found a use for this. Edit: Greenwich University is where the study was done.


I can win a staring contest against anyone. I consecutively beat 6 people without a break. I’ve held my eyes open for about 10 minutes without blinking, I’ve made people uncomfortable in every sense of the word. Edit: Dumb as shit I get my first awards and more than 100 upvotes for something useless about myself. I’m gonna mess with a bunch of you now for encouraging my useless behavior.


Word searches.


I can click my tongue REALLY loudly.


i can take a shit in under a minute ​ ​ Edit: why always most upvoted posts need to be about shit or other weird stuff xD