300-400 calorie snacks or meals with little cooking time?

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I have also been stuck with the 1200 goal, so I feel your pain! My rule of thumb is to think about calorie density and try to keep it low. Calorie density is found by taking the weight of the food and dividing it by the calories it contains. An easy way to think of this is grapes vs raisins. You’ll feel more full from the same amount of calories of grapes than you will from the same calories in the raisins bc of the water content, and feeling full will keep you from eating too much. My go to snacks are fruit, such as watermelon, peaches, cherries, sometimes grapes. I also really like to take bell peppers or cucumber slices and enjoy them with a serving of whipped or low fat cream cheese in an interesting flavor. I love to make tacos, they’re generally very low calorie and an easy meal. The biggest changes I made to get them low calorie was swapping the red meat for low fat white meat (like chicken or turkey) or fish such as tilapia, and swapping flour tortillas for corn. Top them with a ton of veggies and sometimes a little Mexican cheese if I’m feeling good and I can have 3 loaded tacos for 3-400 calories. Also if you’re a sour cream fan use non-fat unsweetened plain Greek yoghurt! You can’t tell the difference at all and it’s way healthier. I also have a sweet tooth so dessert is a must have on hand for when the craving strikes. My favorite is berries with low fat whipped cream. Load up a bowl of strawberries and whatever else you want and then grab a can of reddi whip low fat whipped topping and go ham. That stuff is 5 calories for 2 tablespoons! It’s the best! Sometimes if I’m feeling loose I’ll even drizzle a little chocolate syrup on top and add a cherry, and voila, fruit sundae! I also keep some hard candies around that are lower on the calorie scale for when I need something to entertain my mouth but I don’t need to eat. I’ve also been making protein smoothies lately by taking a banana, 1-1.5 cups of frozen fruit of choice, and adding a premier protein shake in vanilla and blending it all together. It comes out to about 300 is calories a smoothie, and with how big it is and with 30g of protein I usually don’t feel hungry for a long time after. I hope you find this helpful!


My snack of choice is popcorn. I go with microwave popcorn, but that might not be the healthiest choice. Search for raw ( I don’t even know how to call them ) pop kernels instead.


Tin of sardines in toasted pitta clocks in at around 400 cals, good source of protein and is one of your weekly portions of oily fish. Very cheap too. Watch out for salt though


I love apple slices and peanut butter or hummus and veggies like celery or carrots. Apples are good with hummus, too.


I’m 5’1″ so I feel ya. For snacks I usually have fruits with/without yogurt, popcorn, trail mix, smoothies, or hard boiled eggs. You can make a lot of variations of these as well! I also have herbal tea a couple times a day