Black teen kicked out of skating rink after facial recognition camera misidentified her

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Why the hell does a skating rink need facial recognition?


> BUT DA DISPLAY SED 97% MATCH! WE DIDENT EVEN LOOK AT THE PIKCHURS! Hand some technology like facial recognition over to complete fucking morons and this is what you get.


>”The software had her daughter at a 97 percent match. This is what we looked at, not the thumbnail photos Ms. Robinson took a picture of, if there was a mistake, we apologize for that.” So it wasn’t a match. It’s not like If I sleep with a woman who was a 97% match for my wife she wouldn’t be angry.


If I get one person saying shit like “it’s just physics” or “math can’t be racist” I’m going to become the dang Joker.


> “Facial recognition does not accurately recognize darker skin tones,” Petty said. “So, I don’t want to go to Walmart and be tackled by an officer or security guard, because they misidentified me for something I didn’t do.” I think the problem is more general than that, but it might, depending on how the model was trained, be even worse for minorities.