Britney Spears tells LA court she wants her father charged with conservatorship abuse

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She gets to hire her own attorney now, and that will make a big difference.


Good. Conservatorships should not last this long, she is not incapacitated or unable to care for herself. I find everything that has happened morally repugnant, and it’s really distressing to see how we treat people who suffer with mental illness in this country. She has not lived an independent life for over a decade, she’s just been propped up and moved around the Vegas circuit so she can be a moneymaker in this insane business model. Everyone got a cut and she has withered away. Edit: Also, as anyone with toxic family can attest – it is goddamn *terrifying* to think that you could have a mental breakdown (hers was in a legitimate period of heavy stress) or even engage in drug use, and your family could use it against you to argue that they want full control over not only your finances – but your PERSON – for over a decade. I know a lot of people who have struggled with anxiety, depression, bipolar, drug use etc. and are fully functional, even if they have landed on bad times at various points in their life, or made bad decisions. Those are theirs to make. In NO WAY should their freedom and bodily autonomy be completely taken away because of it. I’m not a big fan of hers but this is a violation of her rights.


Such conservatorships should have a time limit on them, after which time the conservator should have to prove in a court why the arrangement should continue. Be it a year, 5 years, 10 years, whatever, but this bullshit where the “protected” person has to fight for release is bullshit.


Anyone who was a fan of Britney years ago, knows that two things were important to her…her autonomy and motherhood. At 16 years old, she wanted creative control, she wanted business control. It became important to her to write her own music, she learned to play the piano so she could write more than lyrics. Her autonomy was always super important to her. And again, interview after interview she’d talk about wanting a big family..wanting to stop her career in the mid 30s and just be a mom. She was stripped of both.


I’m almost exactly the same age as Spears. When I was in my twenties, I made a series of choices that resulted in me being addicted to drugs and my life became totally unmanageable. I lost the job, the house, the boyfriend. I was handcuffed to an ambulance. You get the idea. I was, at that time, not a sane or reasonable person. I’m not a fabulously wealthy pop star, so when I fucked up I was left to deal with the consequences. To hit rock bottom. Because I was given that opportunity, I was eventually able to turn my life around. I’m 9 years clean and sober. I have a wonderful husband, a great job, beautiful home. People trust me. I pay my bills on time. I’m a fucking girl scout. I am happy. Healthy. I was redeemable. We are all redeemable. Including Britney. She is being robbed of the freedom to fail. Which we ALL need to grow. To the people who try to justify this by claiming she’ll fuck her life up if left to her own devices, I say it’s HER life to fuck up. That is her right. Fucking her life up could end up being the best thing for her in the long run. And she might *actually* succeed and thrive. Either way, it’s her life. Edit: thank you for the award