China’s Growth Slows as Pandemic Fears Persist

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What? Is this a joke? Chinese gov has been cooling the economy for past few months. They are withdrawing liquidity from markets and know that inflation is already here. Raw material prices on ath. How is this related to ****ing covid?


Officially they do not have a problem. In Beijing CCP centenial anniversary with 65,000 participants. No one wore a mask. Revolutionay zeal will drive Covid virus away.


Growth can slow and they can still be growing really fucking fast. Amazon’s growth has been slowing for years but they’re still growing fast. Generally, larger things grow slower.


Summary: After emerging from a global paradigm shift from covid, the steam appears to be cooling off. *Or economically the mix metrics can signal sectors repositioning after the pandemic.*


>Growth in the world’s second-largest economy lost steam as more expensive raw materials weighed on factories, though retail sales showed signs of stabilizing.