Disgusted at friends funeral by his own mothers comments.

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Similar happened at my mother in law‘s funeral and BFF’s funeral where the person preaching decided to use this opportunity to talk about abortion and church attendance. FFS. Nearly everyone there wasn’t Catholic and I sure as hell didn’t feel welcome there to begin w since I’m gay so it def made me never want to go back again to be judged by child rapists. I stand w you in your frustration. It clouded my mourning process for these two and I have to navigate it somehow. I hope you find peace as you mourn their loss. I am sending you thoughts of the love and laughter you shared w them. They must have been awesome for you to care this much.


I would have liked to say that Jesus, who didn’t go to church, hanged around with the parias of society. The prostitues, the sick, the redeemed criminals. And how your friend is more likely to be with him than the hypocrites who call themselves Christians while judging others and forgetting about the love and forgiveness he preached. Not that I believe in it, but just to show her how silly she was being by using her own beliefs. Sorry about your friend.


I hope religion dies as quickly and without warning as by friend did.


She afraid that her spiritual brothers and sisters might think she had some responsibility regarding her son’s life. She just wants you to know she had nothing to do with it. It was because he quit going to church. If only he had submitted to the rule of his betters and the love of his mother, who accepts no responsibility for anything.


I get angry about lots of situations where people push their religion on others. Stuff like this though? It just fills me with overwhelming sadness. Its an actual tragedy that so many people turn to religion for “comfort,” and this is what it gives them in return. The propagation of fucked up ideas about sky daddies and eternal torture benefit those in power who stand to gain from that exploitation; all while people like this mother spend the rest of their short lives worrying in agony about their loved one’s “soul.” I’m sorry for the loss of your friend, OP. Sending you (atheistic) thoughts of love and healing.