do you think pastors know it’s all bullsh*t?

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Im sure the millionaire ones do know, megachurch pastors and the famous televangelists. Especially with the fact that the bible specifically speaks out against greed and excessive wealth and had that part where Jesus chased out gamblers and salesmen out of some holy temple and said something like “you shall not make of my fathers home a house of merchandise”. Its pretty hard to miss.


Some definitely do. A lot of atheists became atheists from years of studying the Bible. Since being a pastor kinda necessitates studying the Bible, there are statistically bound to be at least some pastors who are atheists yet continue to hold their position for whatever reason (money, job security, etc).


*Many* of them *must* know that it’s all bullshit, but maintain the lie for lack of any other marketable skill-set.


If you haven’t, find a copy of Daniel Dennett’s *Caught in the Pulpit*. It’s a series of interviews with pastors and other clergy that have become atheist, but are essentially stuck in the job. It is often “about the money,” but in a sad, capitalist, wage-slave way rather than one of avarice.


If the assassin’s creed video game series has taught me anything? Yes. Yes they do.