Driving home from a dinner out one night. A wife says to her husband…

“Harry I want a divorce, I’ve been fucking your brother and he’s got a much bigger cock than you.” The husband doesn’t respond. Just speeds up a little. “I’ve spoken to a lawyer, he’s says I’ll get everything. Custody of the kids, the house and all the savings.” Again he puts his foot on the accelerator. And swerves just a little bit. “WELL. HAVEN’T YOU GOT ANYTHING TO SAY? WHAT DO YOU WANT?” He steers toward a brick wall and says “I’ve got everything I need… Our only airbag!”

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honestly she kinda deserves that


“Harry, are you sure the airbag is workable?”


Moments before he hits the brick wall, he remembers that the airbag was actually on the passenger side


Dudes rock 😎🤘


And now for the brother..