Dutch journalist Peter de Vries, dies, one week after being shot in the head

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The real question here is why? The article is short on details, 2 gunmen just gunned him down leaving a theater. What was he working on?


Please note: this is not the same Peter De Vries who was an American comic novelist. That fellow died in 1993. He is also not the mentat from Dune.


Nothing short of a loss of a national treasure. Devastating news.


R.I.P. Peter. You’ll be missed.


Does this actually work? When all the key witnesses are murdered , isn’t that a confirmation of guilt. At that point do you just stop the trial and go “listen, we know you called for it. And as soon as we link it to one of your people, even it is as far removed as Space Balls. You are getting maximum with recommendation of isolation for others protections since little pissants like you get off on any power you can get. You want to be king of whatever shithole you earn yourself in. “