FAA warns SpaceX that massive Starship launch tower in Texas is unapproved

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This isn’t a big deal. The FAA ruled that the integration tower SpaceX is building is subject to the FAA’s ongoing environmental review. They are letting SpaceX know that they are building the tower at their own risk. Because if they do not rule in SpaceX’s favor, SpaceX may have to remove the tower. But at the same time, there’s no need for the tower if the FAA doesn’t approve the environmental review for Starship launches. So nothing changes.


Plan B is probably 50 miles south on the Mexican side of the boarder.


I heard a segment about this the other day on the radio, they were approved originally for smaller payload rockets and now they want to go bigger


Contrary to the popular belief, vast majority of regulations are lessons of the past learned the hard way.


Government: “Please help us get to the moon” Government: “Hold on there, you’re progressing a little too quickly for us”