‘Get A Grip’: Lindsey Graham Gets Smoked For Declaring He’d Go To War For Chick-Fil-A | “He wouldn’t lift a finger to stop a violent insurrection, but he could kill for a chicken sandwich,” one critic noted.

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This is the same old tired strategy the GOP has been using for years. 1. Find (or fabricate as others pointed out) a controversy 2. Identify which “side” your base is on 3. Say something outlandish that you know supports your base’s side while simultaneously triggers “the left” for being outlandish 4. Once “the left” responds and calls out your ridiculous statement and engages, point out how the other side (the left) is trying to cancel the thing and make a mountain out of a molehill 5. Successfully rile up your base about said “issue”, which in turn riles up the other side. Boom. You’ve pandered to your base, made the other side look “evil”, and diverted attention away from real issues happening right now. It happens so frequently these days.


Hahaha! Lindsay’s idea of “going to war” is when a hissy fit escalates to a slappy fight.


He needs to defend his own kind. He is part chicken. I think he’s great great grandpa was a chicken who fought for the confederacy. Also, I don’t understand why you would have a Chick-fil-a in some locations since they are closed in Sundays, like an airport, football stadium or rest area on major highway.


Ok, lemme get this straight. Businesses should be constitutionally allowed to refuse service to people they ‘disagree’ with a person’s very existence but it’s not ok to refuse that business because you ‘disagree’ with their ‘disagreeing’? These people are really so mentally deranged.


I don’t understand why people are so loyal to Chick-Fil-A. It’s a mediocre, over priced chicken sandwich.