Gov. Inslee declares drought emergency for nearly all of Washington

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2021 will be a tough year on the west. Feels like this is just the start to a long hot summer.


We’ve really got to grapple with the rise of climate change – summers will get worse, droughts will cause more wildfires, and shit will continue to spiral.


Outraged Republicans scream “Overreach!” tell voters to water their lawns and wash their cars at least 4 times a day.


Cue Republicans in this state claiming he wants to be a dictator because of this.


I live in WA state and I just want a summer where everything stays nice and not-on-fire. Year after year now everything is burning, with smoke and ash choking out the state. Last year I had to evacuate my home because of wildfires for almost a week-a first for me. Couple the fires with the record-breaking heat and we’ve got a candidate for an actual hell on earth.