I Have a Visual Disability, And I Want You To Look Me In the Eye (2021) James Robinson shows what its like to live with disabling eye conditions. Using playful graphics and enlisting his family as subjects, he invites others to view the world through his eyes. [00:12:12]

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As an aspiring ophthalmologist, this was a very important eye-opener! I recently saw a 16 year old girl with the same condition. She’ll be getting her first surgery in 2 weeks. She’s super excited for it and I do hope we help her. A lot of strabismus surgeries are hit-or-miss, it’s a difficult condition to treat.


My son had a preschool teacher who had a similar condition. I found it easiest while talking to her to look at the space between her eyes about the bridge of her nose. It always seemed to her like I was looking her in the eyes. She even commented once about how so few parents have the courage to look her in the eyes and how grateful she was that I did it. It’s got to be tough. That’s my pro tip here. If you look at someone by focusing on the space between their eyes on the bridge of their nose, they can’t tell that you’re not looking them in the eye. And it makes them feel human.


I have a friend with this condition and it was awkward at first but then I just started looking at the eye that was looking at me. When they switched, so did I. I tried the ‘look-at-the-bridge-of-the-nose’ approach, but that doesn’t feel natural to me, I prefer direct eye contact…and my effort was actually commented on and appreciated 🙂 This is a wonderful little piece that’s heart-warming and informative at the same time. Well done X


“It isn’t just “where is he looking”, it’s like “where is he?” I’m still here. You’re just having trouble connecting to that person.” Fuck I didn’t feel like crying today


I’ve been wanting to do something like this for the people in my life to understand how I see. Very clever use of cuts to illustrate.