If you cannot question it or criticize it, it is propaganda.

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Well shit. I knew my mother in law was propaganda!


You can question and criticize propaganda


The strongest propaganda is when the people don’t even believe they’re is anything to question.


Also there’s different levels of propaganda. The kind of propaganda that you absolutely can’t criticize without being executed or jailed etc. is at the state level, like Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. But there’s also party level propaganda. This is pretty safe for most people to criticize, as you’ll at most get nasty comments on Twitter, some heated verbal exchanges, or maybe a physical altercation at worst…unless you’re a member of that group / party, then you risk being ostracized or silenced internally. When a party or group becomes powerful enough to the point where everybody has to fear criticizing it, that’s when we get the Nazi-style state propaganda.


So every comment on Reddit?