Im absolutely disgusted

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Omg that’s a terrible story.


That would be a god that doesn’t exist. There’s nothing “mysterious” about having divine powers to stop bad things from happening and instead doing nothing. That’s just called being an asshole. Don’t forget this same “god” sacrificed his only son and let him die on the cross when he could’ve used his supposed powers to take him off the cross, smite the evil and wicked Romans who crucified him and make things ok. Yet this so called “god” doesn’t ever make it a point to do any of the miraculous things that he did in the Bible these days. Saying that god works in mysterious ways is the Christian cop-out way of not having to admit they have no idea or explanation for why something would happen. It makes them feel better about blindly following something that makes no sense and isn’t really serving them in any way. It’s hard for some people to admit they are wrong or to even realize they are wrong when they believe so strongly in mumbo jumbo that has no evidence of existing.


How the hell are they praising their god for the death of this girl? What are they saying


*Now she’s safe and with Hey Zeus, god and the angels.* Fuck no. She’s dead, pure and simple. A tragedy, to be sure. Fuck these people with their skydaddy working in mysterious ways! The mystery to me is, why would a sky daddy make them so fucking stupid if he’s supposedly perfect. Not a very good craftsman, I would say.


I’d call them out on it. I’d lose my job over it. I can’t even put into words how I’d react. This makes me mad.