Is it reasonable to only have $380/mo left after allocating income on bills/debt?

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It really depends on what “left over” means. $380 left over after making a detailed budget that includes non-monthly and irregular costs like car registration, maintenance, medical care, savings (for retirement and otherwise), etc. as well as what you think you need for entertainment, is great. That means you have $380 more to spend or save on things you care about. If you are literally only paying for the things you list prior to that $380, you have a problem. That $380 is going to evaporate every month as you have a need for something other than groceries and gas unless you are very frugal and diligently save that $380 for expenses you can’t avoid like emergencies.


Do you have a budget? If you make $1,000 a month it’s understandable; if you make $10,000 a month you’re probably doing something wrong. It’s all relative.


Can’t really say without seeing the budget


Does it account for annual expenses? You should be setting aside money monthly for those “non-monthly” expenses like auto maintenance (oil change, tires, yearly registration), Amazon prime, or Christmas gifts as examples


Main thing is you got all the essential overhead accounted for so that $380 would just be discretionary spending? Although I don’t see anything about saving or investing (which would Be really hard to do in your situation.) but even getting started with let’s say $80/month can make a big difference down the road