JPMorgan notes that “excessive speculation in high-growth sub-sectors year-to-date is causing ARK funds to exhibit market behavior (Fig. 1) similar to that witnessed during the dot-com bubble (Fig. 2).”

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This looks like a lot of stocks this year.


I think the only thing we know is it’s volatile right now. I see one post/article with evidence bull market will run and the next will say crash incoming. Basically nobody knows. So I’m just gonna keep value investing as normal and sit back and watch.


Not disputing the supposition that things may blow up soon, but there have been examples of humans seeing patterns where none existed, even when th see humans are associated with a wealthy organization


In layman’s terms the sphincter muscle is over tightened and a big let go is going to happen there will be anal leakage there will be tears


These things are always right until they’re wrong.