Leaked Kremlin Documents Reveal Putin Holds Blackmail Leverage Over Trump — and That’s Why Russia Backed Him

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I’ve heard this for years. I want to SEE it!


Was this really leaked… or just ‘leaked’ by Putin himself because he no longer has use for Trump and has decided to cut him loose.


1) A businessman who was never in his life able to keep his dick in his pants. Cheated on every wife, all the time. 2) Who frequently visited a country in which the KGB/FSB made a practice of setting up businessmen with underaged trafficked girls. Of course he was compromised. Trump nuts will never believe it, however.


There is no such thing as blackmail on Trump, because his supporters don’t give a shit what he’s done. He could molest 100 children live on tv and Tucker Carlson would be on 10 minutes later running the narrative that democrats would have aborted those children.


thought it was obvious